Community Transformation
Begins With You!
A Community

is a social group of organisms sharing an environment, normally with shared interests. In human communities, intent, belief, resources, preferences, needs, risks and a number of other conditions may be present and common, affecting the identity of the participants and their degree of cohesiveness.

During human growth and maturation, people encounter sets of other individuals and experiences.

Infants encounter first their immediate family, then extended family, and then local community (such as school and work). They thus develop individual and group identity through associations that connect them to life-long community experiences.

During adolescence and adulthood, the individual tends to develop a more sophisticated identity, often taking on a role as a leader or follower in groups. If an individual develops the feeling that they belong to a group, and they must help the group they are part of, then they develop a sense of community.I

ndividuals develop interpersonal relationships and begin to make choices about whom to associate with and under what circumstances. The quality of those Interpersonal relationships determines the quality of community.

If the ability to form and experience quality interpersonal relationships is not established during early childhood and subsequent family experience cohesive community relationships are difficult to form.

Community Needs

'Usually, a community consists of a mass of people of varying social classes, some struggling to live moral, refined and decent lives, while others follow a less disciplined lifestyle.

All of these people are caught up in a maze of futility, most often accompanied by deep personal pain" (Ed Silvoso)
Courageous, Authentic Community Leaders

Leaders need to be role models by which others can be encouraged to develop likewise.

Dysfunctional leaders will foster dysfunctional communities

It highly important, therefore, that community leaders address their own issues and demonstrate the ability to grow and change.

Our Response

Bless:   Speak peace to the people, leaders and the systems.

Fellowship: Listen.

Minister: Address the felt needs in the name of the Lord.

Proclaim: Let it be known that the kingdom of God is nearby.

Witness: Demonstrate personal transformation

Personal Transformation  for Leaders
Healthy  Relationships:  Personal, Marriage, Family, Business, Community

Dysfunctional Relationships: Source and Origin

Rejection and its consequences

Abusive control

Fear , Anger, Guilt and Shame

Performance Orientation and Co dependency

Security, Significance and Self Esteem

Love and Respect

Healing Life's Hurts

Community Building

The Big Picture

The Spiritual Battle
Seminars and Workshops can be taken singly or in any combination which is appropriate to the Leaders involved
Transform the Leaders: Transform the Community
Teaching, Training and Transforming
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