Teaching, Training and Transforming

Martin and Sheila have travelled to Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong conducting Prayer Ministry and Training.

Asia is our nearest neighbour and suffers great need as a result of Ancestral, Family and Cultural sin, shame and rejection.

Martin and Sheila Elvidge have been ministering to Asians, mainly Chinese and Burmese, since 1986 and have taken an interest in their needs and spiritual issues.
In addition Martin and Sheila have conducted Teaching, Training and Transformation in Canada, USA, Switzerland, India, Fiji and The Phillipines
Martin and Sheila are successfully using Skype for International Prayer Ministry: including clients in India, Canada, USA, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and other parts of Australia
Martin and Sheila Travel, teach and minister with Catch The Fire International and Catch The Fire Australasia. In doing so they have visited Sydney, Melbourne, Hamilton, Burpengarry, The Gold Coast and Perth
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